FAQs About Gun Cleaning, Firearm Lubricants, and More

  • Are Montana X-Treme solvents safe for use in all barrels?

    A. Montana X-Treme solvents are safe for use in all barrels, including chrome moly, stainless steel, and chrome-lined barrels.

  • Can I transfer Montana X-Treme solvents to a plastic container?

    A. We recommend that you store solvents in their original containers.

  • What is the difference between Copper Killer 50 BMG and bore solvent?

    A. Copper Killer 50 BMG is recommended for use when severe copper fouling is an issue and will reduce the time necessary for cleaning. Bore solvent is recommended for everyday use.

  • Will it hurt my barrel if I leave Copper Killer 50 BMG in my barrel for over an hour?

    A. No. If fact, for the best results with stubborn copper deposits we recommend that you “wet patch” your barrel with Copper Killer 50 BMG for 30 minutes. Additional “soak” time WILL NOT harm the barrel.

  • Why can’t I find 50 BMG anymore?

    A. 50 BMG was renamed to “Copper Killer 50 BMG Formula.” The solvent is exactly the same. Only the name has changed.

  • Is copper cream abrasive, and will it hurt my barrel?

    A. Copper cream is not abrasive to steel but is designed to aid in the removal of copper fouling.

  • What is the difference between bore conditioner oil and gun oil?

    A. Bore conditioner oil is a highly refined oil designed to penetrate the micro-fissures and cracks in the barrel, which will help prevent fouling buildup and improve cold bore accuracy. Gun oil is a general-purpose firearms lubricant and protectant designed to coat exposed metals and is recommended for long-term storage.

  • Which product does the best job removing moly residue?

    All Montana X-Treme solvents work well in removing moly, but Copper Cream is particularly well suited for this task.

  • I have always heard that ammonia is hard on barrels and will etch them. Your products have a strong ammonia smell—will it hurt my barrel?

    A. Montana X-Treme solvents contain ammonia in an oil base and will not hurt or etch the barrel. It is safe to wet patch and “soak” the bore for problem barrels or stubborn copper deposits. Soaking the barrel with bore solvent or Copper Killer for an extended period will not harm your barrel.

  • Do I have to use Montana X-Treme brushes with Montana X-Treme solvents?

    A. It is not necessary, but Montana X-Treme Heavy Duty Nylon Brushes are specifically designed to work with Montana X-Treme solvents. You will appreciate the excellent cleaning ability of our stiff-bristled brushes and the solid brass core that helps prevent damage to firearms bores. We recommend using nylon bristles because ammonia has an adverse effect on brass bristles.

  • I like to plug the end of my barrel, fill it with solvent for a period of time. Is this a good practice with bore solvent or Copper Killer, and will it make it easier to remove the copper?

    A. Bore solvent and Copper Killer work best when exposed to air, so plugging and filling the barrel with solvent provides no added benefit.

  • What is the best way to use a square patch? When I use one, it seems to get stuck in the barrel.

    A. We recommend square patches because they cover more of the jag, and tightness can be adjusted by moving where you spear the patch. If you prefer a looser fit in the bore, spear the patch with a jag in one of the corners and wrap the remainder around the jag. If you want a tighter fit in the bore, spear the patch closer to the center.