Bore Conditioner


Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner is specially formulated to enhance the performance of precision match-grade barrels. It is a highly refined, low residue oil created to resist the high pressures and friction that shorten barrel life and limit accuracy. Regular use after a thorough cleaning will help reduce copper fouling and protect the bore from the elements during storage. Its ultra-refined “Group Tamer” formula limits the need for first round fouling shots after cleaning, making it the ideal accuracy lubricant for hunters and law enforcement professionals.

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Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner is a blend of highly refined oils formulated to condition your barrel to maintain accuracy by penetrating the micro-cracks in the barrel steel. Bore Conditioner will also help reduce copper fouling buildup and lessen cleaning time. Recommended for use after a thorough cleaning, or after a Montana X-Treme Copper Cream or Montana X-Treme Bore Polish treatment. Use a small amount on a dry patch to swab the barrel several times.


  1. After bore is thoroughly cleaned, push several patches with Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner through the bore.
  2. Before firing, use a dry patch to remove excess oil. DO NOT leave a heavy amount of oil in the barrel.

Available in 6 oz. bottles