Cowboy Blend

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Specially formulated for quick removal of lead and powder fouling

Some firearms never shoot anything except lead bullets and they deserve a solvent designed to handle their specific cleaning needs. Cowboy Blend is blended to make removing lead and carbon fouling simple, fast and efficient. So, whether you are cleaning a favorite single-action revolver, a shotgun or an heirloom .22 rimfire, Cowboy Blend is the solution to your cleaning problems.

Available in 20 oz. and 6 oz. bottles
  1. Soak a suitable sized Montana X-Treme patch in Cowboy Blend.
  2. Push the patch through the bore. Repeat with a new patch.
  3. Soak a nylon brush in Cowboy Blend and work the brush through the bore 20 times.
  4. Repeat step 1 with two patches of Cowboy Blend. If fouling is still present, repeat step 3.
  5. When satisfied the bore is clean, run two dry patches through the bore.
  6. To further protect the bore, add a small amount of Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner to a patch and run through the bore several times. Ensure that you do not leave a heavy amount of oil in the barrel.

Available in 20 oz. and 6 oz. bottles